A Geek Girl’s Playground

I need space to write about the things that I care about.

I write thousands of words every day on topics that other folks care about. Alas, nobody yet wants to pay me to rave about the awesome new board game I just bought or go full-on nerd about the LHC starting up again, bigger and badder than ever (*squee*). Until that happens, and probably well after, I’m going to use this space as my own personal playground for word vomiting on things I love and obsess about. Hopefully, I’ll drag along some like-minded individuals along the way.

Topics potentially at my mercy:

  • Science: Especially bioengineering, nanotechnology, space, climate, and intelligent energy.
  • Gaming: Video, board games, text games you thought died in the 80s. No head games.
  • Sex geekery: Polyamory and general sex-positive whatsits.
  • Fashion: Chic nerd girl, how-I-learned-to-be-a-girl
  • Media: Awesome books, shows, music, and related.
  • Writerly Stuff: Likely I will rant. I promise it will pass.

Yep! This list is everywhere, but the reality is that nerd girls are complex little creatures and we have a lot to say. Particularly those of us who write for a living. Boy, do we EVER have a lot to say!

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