All About the Text Wench

On the boundaries of Nerdgirl Neverland

Welcome to my writing playground.

During the day, I earn my peanuts writing product descriptions, blog posts, marketing copy, and similarly exciting fare. Between those moments, I drag the stories from my skull kicking and dragging and force them to take shape on the digital page. This blog exists to give me the freedom to write without restriction, to rant, to share, to geek out, to spread love, and maybe connect with like-minded souls.

This blog breaks the cardinal rule of blogging – find your niche.

I’m not here to monetize or build a following of thousands. If that somehow happens, score! I’m here to be brutally honest and playful and verbose. Read at your own risk.

On the Wench


Labels can be useful. Here’s an assortment of mine:

  • Polyamorous – I have more than one committed, long-term romantic relationship and am open to adding to my family.
  • Kinky and Sex-Positive – I think sex is good and healthy. Even sex that looks a little scary to the uninitiated. Relevant because I may write about it.
  • Nerdy – To me, this roughly translates to highly passionate about one or more things. I have lots of those.
  • Wordsmith – I dig words. I dig them so much I left a cushy corporate job so I could play with them full time.
  • Crazy – See above.
  • Momma – To three beautiful, challenging, baffling, touch, surprising, oddball teenage girls. Only the Gods can save me now. I had my girls young. I don’t regret it though it has made being a parent a lot more challenging.
  • Pagan – For two decades. No, I don’t need the Bible. Yes, I’ve read it. Four versions. Yes, I’ve been to church. Lots of them. I was a weird kid. I don’t hate Christians (though I’m not especially fond of what organized religion does to the world), but please don’t try to proselytize me. It’s a waste of your time.
  • Gamer – Board, text, table, console, or computer. I don’t have as much time to indulge as I once did, but I still love it. I’m a straight up Mass Effect nerd girl, and I will cut you if you start whining about the ending of the series. I own over a thousand dollars worth of board and card games. Playing Iron Realms MUDs is directly responsible for my career as a writer. I started playing games in the mid-80s and logged into MUDs in the late-80s, back when I was connecting on a telnet machine and AOL was just a twinkle in a programmer’s eye. No, I don’t use voice chat.
  • Science-devotee – Necessary to explain in our current culture. Writing is my second choice for a career. Given the money to support my family -and- finish my degrees, I’d be aiming for a doctorate in Nanotech and a Master’s in bioengineering. I would very dearly like to play with the future of medicine. Maybe someday, but likely not. Our higher education system is currently out of reach for me. (Anyone wanna be my educational sugar daddy/momma?)

    I was born to a blues vocalist of considerable local renown. I have two dads and a mom. One of my dads spent over a decade in McMurdo in Antartica. He was the head of the Search & Rescue team and ran a radio station down there. Now he alternates driving a semi truck full time and living on a sailboat while he collects degrees. Currently, he’s going to school to be a science teacher. Previously, he picked up a pre-med degree. The other dad is a fine guitar picker. He dropped out of school at 16 to travel the US in a band. He is one of the smartest people I know but spent his adult life driving trucks. My mother is an award-winning blues singer and bead artist. She’s never had a ‘real job’ in her entire life. I split my time between Antartica-dad and the musician set of parents. I grew up with hippies, artists, musicians, freaks, bikers, and assorted weirdos. I highly recommend raising your kids in an equally weird environment. I had no idea kids weren’t supposed to be intellectually curious. I still haven’t figured out how normal people adult, but I’m not sure I want to.
    feather tattoo
    On my arm is a tattoo of a watercolor feather. It reads, “The secret of joy is the mastery of pain.” The quote is from Anais Nin, who was an early female erotica writer. It is in part a memorial to my deceased partner and in part a reminder to myself of the following:

    Life is shaped by moments dark and light. Without the darkness, without the pain and loss, you can’t fully appreciate the moments of beauty and joy. Pain is a necessary element to a fulfilling life. Eliminate your fear of it and you can achieve everything your heart desires.
    compass rose
    On the other arm is a compass rose. This reminds me that life is too short to waste time doing anything but what makes me happy. Ever forward, sailor.

    In short:
    Love fiercely. Embrace passion. Be fearless. 

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